Emotion in the Desolation #2016

via Instagram http://ift.tt/28SZu5g
This picture was taken at Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea. I’m walking around inside an abandoned house (which is erie to begin with) and I hear the distinct noise, dry crackling harshness of tires rolling over unforgiving California Dessert sand. I look out a hole in the side of the house and see a car pull up and this guy walk step out.
“What is this place?” He yells out to me as he shuts the door, adding further emphasis to the strength of this place (??? change this)…
I keep shooting and I hear him laughing and talking as if he is talking to someone.
He was talking to me!
He wanted to get closer to the water and I told him to go down a few streets and go over the burm and you will see an abandoned boat and be able to get to the water. He was retelling me the directions I gave hime while I took this shot. He was so consumed by the surroundings, he had no ideas I was taking a picture of him, despite holding the phone up directly at him.

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